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Let's Meet


Hi! My name is Megan Casabe, LCSW. I am a therapist in Palm Beach County that specializes in helping people who have experienced a medically related trauma or have a chronic/ life limiting illness. Having worked in the hospital and healthcare setting, I understand the struggles of maintaining compliance to treatments and doctor or hospital visits.  I know first-hand the trauma seen and experienced by people who are patients, their families and healthcare providers. If you are a healthcare provider who is seeking help to cope with the demands of your job, I would be honored to talk with you.

Fueling my passion has led me to open “Buena Vida Wellness, Inc.” This is a combination of all of my passions, my years of experience and my future goals for my life coming together. Buena Vida Wellness is a therapy practice that offers accessible mental health support to individuals with all different psychosocial, emotional and mental needs.

Traditional therapy in an office is not for everyone. With me, clients would have the option of meeting for therapy sessions in an outdoor setting such as the beach, a park or a nice pathway.

I believe that therapy can have a time and a place in people's lives. Some people find it helpful to talk about challenges in life while others may need emotional support while going through something especially difficult.

Whatever your reason may be, send me a message and let's talk.

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