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Help at Home

Are you you a helper by nature? Are you feeling helpless during the COVID “Stay at home” order?

Many people thrive by helping others in their time of need. There is an inherent satisfaction by helping someone else. It gives us a feeling of purpose and fulfillment. Oftentimes, service to others is a way to turn the focus of our lives outward. Here is a unique opportunity to turn the focus of life inward. What I mean by that is; the best way to help others, to help your friends, your family, your community, the country and the world is by helping yourself.

There are, of course, tangible ways to help the community that you live in if you can:

1. Offer to do the shopping for those in the at-risk population or for families who don’t want their kids to go out in public.

2. Shop local (local restaurants, stores, etc)

3. Write notes of gratitude for essential workers.

4. Call to check in on your family and friends to see how they’re doing.

Being in the middle of a pandemic is not a choice. We do not have control of the situation or the circumstances that surround us. Acknowledge that this is difficult and that this is DIFFERENT. So, with that being said, here are some ways that you are actually helping without knowing that you are helping:

1. Stay home. Staying home is socially responsible.

2. Maintain a routine for your family and plan out your days. Create a mixture of tasks that need to be done (school, work, chores) with activities for entertainment, growth and self-care.

3. Call your friends and family, by using video chat apps or phone calls.

4. Be kind to one another. If you pass by someone walking on the sidewalk, wave or acknowledge them. If you have to go to the store, be kind to each person you encounter. Make eye contact.

5. Make your health and your family’s health your priority. Get 8 hours or more of sleep a night, eat healthy food, exercise, and talk to each other.

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