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Why Buena Vida, Why now?

As a true South Florida raised, sunshine loving, beach appreciating woman here, I can say that we live in paradise. If you are just finding this blog; you might notice that this is the first installation of what I hope to develop as a resource of love, sunshine, warmth and sand. Actually; this is the intro to why I decided to start a private practice, why I named it Buena Vida and why at this point in my life it was drawn here. If you are on the fence about contacting me to be your loved one’s or your potential therapist, I hope this helps.

I look young; yes, there I said it. I do not have 50 years of therapy experience, which I am sure is shocking. What I do have is a lifetime of personal and professional experience, in addition to countless hours of therapy provided, and a long list of training that I have learned from and hope to continue to attend for the rest of my life. We can never stop learning! I have an insane abundance of empathy, compassion, and realness to last a lifetime. It is time to share that with the world.

So back to the main point, where did this idea of private practice, and going into business for myself start? I would love to tell you that it has been a lifelong passion, but it hasn’t. It has developed over the last decade of my life while pursuing and fine tuning the craft of therapy.

I enjoy providing individual counseling, implementing therapeutic strategies in a one on one setting, and helping people to see who they are and the potential of who they can become.

I stewed for over a year to creatively come up with a name for this practice. This new phase in my life. I owe all of the creativity of my name to the book, “Miracle Morning” by Hal Erod. I highly recommend this book as a way to develop a self-care and self-development morning routine, but more on that later.

You do not have to be bilingual or trilingual or Miami raised to know that Buena Vida means “Good Life,” in Spanish. Through using the SAVERS process (Miracle Morning reference), I spent many, many months visualizing the future that I had wanted and hoped for myself and my family. Through this practice, I began to envision the future of my private practice and what it would be. The name “Buena Vida,” appeared one early morning during the practice and never left. The true essence of “BV” is that all we want is to live a good life.

I know, mind blown, am I right? If we all took a second to think about what we actually want to gain in life, most people would say, “I just want a good life.” So, at that moment, “Buena Vida Wellness, LLC” was born. I mean, it was actually born much later when I was officially granted my LLC and it became official, but the idea, the name, the concept, and the vision was born.

So in conclusion; my goal in this endeavor is to engage in real, authentic conversations that help prompt self-actualization and growth. And if the person is ready, to help sort through the muck that helps people from living a good life.

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